New Fair Ambassadors

Allison and Jeanette

Allison and Jeanette

Outgoing Junior Fair Ambassador, Nicole French, had the honour of passing the sash and crown to her sister, Allison (pictured on the left). For those interested in trivia, Allison is the youngest of Tom and Heather’s children, she proudly carries on the tradition of Ambassadorship enjoyed by almost all of her older siblings, except for one. Who, you ask? Well, the answer is not Nicole, referenced in the opening line, nor is it Julie, so it must be Colin!

Jeanette Burnside carries the tiara and sash with ease and elegance, as she has previously served as a Junior Fair Ambassador. Jeanette will not only be the Ambassador for Albion Bolton Agricultural Society this year, but she is also an active member of ABAS, along with parents, Trudy and Grant, and brother Carter.

These young ladies are eager to spend the year representing ABAS at community and agricultural events, as you can plainly see they already *know the ropes*.





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