Class 36 Photography

Download & Print   CLASS 36 Photography


Committee:          Lori Cook (905-584-1319),

Dorothy Stewart (905-857-2599), Nancy Moffat, Lynn Fuller, Kathy Jones





  1. Photos must be taken by exhibitor only. One entry per section per exhibitor.
  2. Securely mount photo on White Bristol Board with 1” (2.5 cm) border. Hole will be punched into border to hang photo.
  3. Photo to 4” x 6”.
  4. Open to persons 18 years of age or older.


Judging:         30 points for quality of photo (focus, lighting, colour, angle)

                        30 points for creativity (placement of people or other subjects, use of colour and lighting, cropping)

                        30 points for subject matter (representative of section, impact, eye appealing)

                        10 points for presentation (overall look, including mounting)


  1. Farm animal: cow/calf or horse
  2. Child and pet(s)
  3. Flowers, close up, more than one bloom
  4. Bolton Fall Fair 2016
  5. Playing any instrument
  6. Reflection in mirror or water
  7. Spider Web
  8. Family Celebration
  9. Sleeping Baby or Child
  10. Unusual Tree or Stump
  11. Sheep or goat(s) in a field
  12. Having fun on vacation
  13. Bird(s) at a feeder
  14. Gardener sowing his/her seeds
  15. 4-H member(s) showing a 4-H project


  1. Caledon Historic Building or Landmark. Prizes: 1st $5, 2nd $4, 3rd $3 donated by Nathan Hiller Photography, Caledon.
  2. Most Points in Class 36, $10 donated by Lori Cook, Sandhill.