Class 35 – Junior Photography Section


Download & Print    Junior Division Class 35B – Jr. Photography


Sponsored by Bolton District Lions Club. 


Enter in the class that corresponds to the grade you will be in, in September 2016.

On your entry tag, please list one of the classes below:

Class A – Grade 1 & 2

Class B – Grade 3 & 4

Class C – Grade 5 & 6

Class D – Grade 7 & 8

Class E – Grade 9 – 12



All photos to have been taken by the exhibitor and not previously shown for competition at the Bolton Fall Fair. Each print must 4”x6” & mounted individually on WHITE Bristol board leaving a 1” border on all sides.

  1. A sel­fie of you & two of your close friends
  2. A photo from the 2016 Bolton Truck & Tractor Pull
  3. A photo from a ­ reworks show
  4. A photo of a Canadian ‑ ag blowing in the wind
  5. A photo of a “growing” farm crop in a ­field
  6. A sporting event
  7. A family celebration
  8. A photo of someone “sewing”
  9. A photo of someone eating corn on the cob
  10. Your favourite photo

All prizes donated by Bolton District Lions Club