Class 32 – Junior Division Grades 7 & 8

JUNIOR DIVISION     CLASS 32    Grades 7 & 8

Download & Print  Junior Division Class 32 – Grades 7 & 8


  1. Convert a recipe from Imperial to metric measurements & list what year in Canadian history Canada switched to metric
  2. Bake your favourite cookies display 3 on a disposable plate inside a clear plastic bag
  3. Raspberry jam, in a small sealed jar
  4. Bake brownies & “show” 3 on a disposable plate inside a clear plastic bag
  5. Make a “Gift in a Jar” (cookies, brownies, soup etc.) with labelled instructions attached


  1. Make/Craft a cushion
  2. Decorate blue jeans or shorts with red & white to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday
  3. Draw the Canadian flag in proper dimensions
  4. Make homemade play dough & form it into a map of Canada, attach recipe, max 25 cm in any direction
  5. Design & draw a hair style that you wouldn’t show your grandmother
  6. Your favourite school art project
  7. Using cursive writing, list 10 past Bolton Fair Ambassadors & the year that they were Ambassador
  8. Handmade jewelry
  9. Any other craft not mentioned, max. 50 cm in any direction


  1. Display 3 photographs of photos you have taken of Caledon crops
  2. Draw a picture & write a few sentences about a farm implement of the future
  3. Make a “Farmers Feed Cities” sign with seeds or kernels, max. 32 cm x 50 cm
  4. Using old magazines cut out & create a mismatched farm animal, max. 3 different animal parts, max. 32 cm x 50 cm