Class 30 – Junior Division

Junior Division

Class 30 – Junior Division     Grades 3 & 4

Download & Print  Junior Division Class 30 – Grades 3 & 4

JUNIOR DIVISION   CLASS 30  Grades 3 & 4 


  1. Make 3 cookies using maple syrup , displayed on a disposable plate.
  2. Bake cake-in-a-cup using the following recipe:

1 coffee mug                        4 tbls. sugar

4 tbls. cake flour                  1 egg, lightly beaten

2 tbls. cocoa                          3 tbls. vegetable oil

3 tbls. milk                             3 tbls. chocolate chips

Splash of vanilla

In the mug, mix flour, sugar & cocoa with a fork.  Add egg to dry ingredients & mix well.  Add milk, oil & vanilla & mix again until well blended.   Stir in chocolate chips.  Cook in microwave oven for 2-3 minutes, watching as cake rises to the top but don’t let it spill over.  Cooking time may vary by microwave oven.

  1. Make chocolate covered strawberries “shown” on a disposable plate
  2. Make a marshmallow “150” shown on a disposable plate
  3. Decorate a hard-boiled egg & display it in an egg cup

 Arts & Crafts:

  1. Your favourite school project (max. 1 Bristol board sheet)
  2. Create a Christmas ornament out of red & white buttons
  3. Make/Craft a cushion
  4. Dress your teddy bear to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday
  5. Create “150” out of duct tape
  6. Using a child’s building set (Lego, K’nex etc.) create “150”, max. 25 cm in any direction)
  7. Craft a friendship bracelet using red & white embroidery floss & buttons & any other craft items
  8. Decorate a cool baseball cap that you wouldn’t wear in front of your grandfather
  9. Any other craft not mentioned (max. 50 cm in any direction)

Understanding Agriculture:

  1. Hand print a list of crops that are “grown” in Caledon
  2. Draw a picture of “True North, Strong”
  3. Create an agricultural scene from Kinetic Sand (max. 50 cm in any direction)
  4. Hand draw/create the life cycle of a farm crop from seed to harvest