Class 23 Arts & Crafts

Class 23  Arts and Crafts 

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Committee: Lori Cook (905-584-1319), Dorothy Stewart (905-857-2599), Ann Green, Nancy Moffatt, Lynn Fuller, John Green, Kathy Jones




  1. Entries must be the work of the exhibitor and not previously shown.
  2. Only items listed to be exhibited.
  3. All articles MUST be accompanied by SWATCHES or all materials or pieces of all yarns.
  4. Pictures, Paintings, etc. must be ready to hang.



  1. Portrait
  2. Oil or Acrylic Painting –subject – Growing vegetation
  3. Water Colour Painting – any subject
  4. Sketch, charcoal or pastel – subject — floral
  5. Counted Cross Stitch Picture – stretched area six (6) inches (15 cm.) or under. Attach thread samples
  6. Counted Cross Stitch Picture – stretched area over six (6) inches (15 cm.) Attach thread samples
  7. Article of Decorative Stamping, attach stamped sample.
  8. Stuffed Toy—12” (30 cm) or under. Attach sample
  9. Stuffed Toy—over 12” (30 cm). Attach sample
  10. Article made from pre-printed material.  Attach swatch of material
  11. Object with a photo transfer
  12. Cushion, crocheted, knitted or quilted, include swatch sample
  13. Handmade Purse or Tote bag from green material, attach swatch of material
  14. Stuffed sock doll
  15. Tea Cozy—crocheted, knitted or fabric.  Display on a teapot
  16. Dressed Teddy bear—clothes to be judged
  17. Dressed Doll—clothes to be judged
  18. Dressed Baby Doll—clothes to be judged
  19. Counted Cross Stitch article—other than picture or cushion
  20. Child’s Cloth Book
  21. Homemade shopping bag
  22. One Scrapbook Page—use part of fair theme i.e. “Sew it, Grow it or Show it”.
  23. Scrapbook—2 pages—family themed
  24. Eye glasses Case—any material
  25. Table Centrepiece—for Thanksgiving
  26. Handmade card—for a birthday
  27. Article of stained glass
  28. Article of woodcarving or burning—18 “(45 cm) or under
  29. Handmade beaded article—attach sample
  30. Wood crafted article (new), 24” (60 cm) or under
  31. Wood crafted article (new), over 24” (60 cm)
  32. Article of Folk Art or Decorative Painting— painting to be judged—18” (45 cm) or under
  33. Article of Folk Art or Decorative Painting— painting to be judged—over 18” (45 cm)
  34. Handcrafted “Welcome” sign
  35. Decorated Flower pot
  36. Door Decoration for Halloween—with hanger, not a wreath
  37. Placemat for a spring table, attach sample
  38. Wine bottle bag, attach sample
  39. Handmade Puppet, hand or ‑ finger, attach sample


  1. Christmas Door Decoration, not a wreath
  2. Handmade Christmas Stocking
  3. Christmas Wreath
  4. Handmade Christmas Brooch or Pin
  5. Handmade Christmas Table runner
  6. Handmade Christmas ornament
  7. Handmade Christmas Table Centrepiece
  8. Handmade Christmas Gift bag
  9. Handmade Hostess Gift
  10. Handmade Christmas Card
  11. Christmas Angel
  12. Christmas Apron
  13. Christmas Coasters (4) or Placemats (2)
  14. Handmade Advent Calendar

SENIORS – persons 65 years of age or older, Remember Samples

  1. Crocheted Article
  2. Knitted Article
  3. Photograph from the Past – old photograph, include relationship to person(s) and approximate date
  4. Bazaar item
  5. Craft not listed Print Making on fabric or paper


      A) COMMUNITY SERVICE CHALLENGE: knitted or crocheted toque. All entries will be collected and donated to an “Out of the Weather” program.

Prizes: 1st $10, 2nd $7, 3rd $5

      B) HAZEL MOFFAT MEMORIAL: Most points Sections 1 – 39

Prize: $25

      C) ALBION BOLTON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY SPECIAL: Most points in Sections 40 – 53

Prize: $10