Class 25 Antiques

Class 25   Antiques

Download & Print  CLASS 25 Antiques

Committee:       Isabelle Bottoms (905-857-1369)

Dale Clarke, Helen Goodfellow, Christina Graham, Diana Romanyk, Carole Whitehead.



  1. Only items listed are to be exhibited.
  2. Condition and age to be considered.

Prizes: 1st Place – $5.  2nd Place – $4. 3rd Place $3.


  1. Memorabilia of Expo ’67.
  2. Commemorative Plate 1967.
  3. Original Canadian Document –deed, marriage certificate, driver’s license, etc.
  4. Oldest Canadian coin, boxed.
  5. Old food can with label – may be empty.
  6. Soap box.
  7. Hand tool – drill.
  8. Canadian stamps, 3 mounted.
  9. Dresser set, 3 pieces.
  10. Cruet set.
  11. Canadian Glass, one piece.
  12. Drinking Glass, decorated or etched.
  13. Centrepiece
  14. Covered comport.
  15. Slaw Cutter.
  16. Hip Flask.
  17. Pewter Tankard.
  18. Maple Leaf Patterned Piece, glass or china.
  19. Cloth Book, Child’s
  20. Canadian Text Book, Reader
  21. Wine Decanter
  22. Child’s Music Book
  23. Trinket Box
  24. Clay Pipe
  25. Sports Book
  26. Kerosene Lamp –Under 15”
  27. Boudoir Lamp, electric under 15”
  28. Photo of Queen Victoria or Sir John A MacDonald, framed or mounted
  29. Ontario License Plate
  30. Provincial License Plate, other than Ontario
  31. Union Jack, or article showing Union Jack, under 24”
  32. Key ring, Canadian Souvenir
  33. First Nations Beaded Article
  34. First Nations, small basket, woven
  35. Pinafore
  36. Pantaloons
  37. Christening Dress
  38. Dial Telephone
  39. Early Adding Machine, small
  40. Transistor Radio
  41. 1967 Calendar
  42. Canadian Provincial Road Map
  43. Wooden Toy
  44. Musical Instrument, small
  45. Whistle
  46. Tie Pin and Cuff Links set, boxed
  47. Men’s Pocket Watch
  48. Brooch, Cameo
  49. Rhinestone Necklace
  50. Teapot, china
  51. Bolton Memorabilia
  52. Set of Coasters
  53. Butter Mold
  54. Strainer, small
  55. Boot Jack
  56. Statue, small
  57. Fishing Reel
  58. Napkin Rings, pair
  59. Oil Can, small
  60. Pickle Dish
  61. Hinge
  62. What is it? Identify if you can.


  1. Bert Westlake Memorial – Choose 5 items related to our Canada 150 –True North Strong theme. Write a short description of each item. Perhaps it has been a family heirloom, a local treasure, a photo or an article that has special meaning. Maybe you made it for a special occasion. Share your memories. Prizes:  1st – $50, 2nd – $30, 3rd – $20
  2.  Ann Rutherford Memorial – For the new exhibitor with the most points who has never exhibited antiques at Bolton Fair. Please mark your entry tags NEW EXHIBITOR. One prize $10.00.
  3.  Director’s Special – For the exhibitor with the most points in the Antique Class. Winners in 2015 and 2016 Carol Williams are ineligible. One prize, a gift valued at $25.00, donated by the Directors of the Antique Division, Albion & Bolton Agricultural Society.

 Antique Quilt Display

In honour of our Canada 150 – True North Strong theme, a special display of antique quilts will be showcased. All quilts shown will receive a participant ribbon as a remembrance of the occasion. Quilts will be hung in the President’s Building. You may show more than one quilt for this special occasion.

Where possible, please provide:

Name of quilt
Approximate year made
Where Made