Class 24 Flowers

Class 24  Flowers 

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COMMITTEE:     Win Mellor-Hay (416-319-4451)

                                Nancy DiPlacido, Brenda Heenan, Emma Ivancic, Jules Maule-Finch



  1. Please read all rules and categories carefully and be sure your exhibit is entered in the correct section. Clerks will be available to assist in the placement of entries in the proper section.
  2. Ontario Judging & Exhibiting Standards for Horticulture & Floral Design 2003 will apply in all sections of Class 24. This booklet is available from your local horticultural society.
  3. Flowers must be garden grown by the exhibitor except for Specials A, B and C. No artificial materials to be used unless otherwise stated in schedule.
  4. All entries must be in suitable, stable containers that will not leak or tip over. A base must be included for designs with more than one element e.g. design and accessory at the side, or sugar bowl with lid at the side, etc.
  5. For Cut Flowers, enter the exact number of stems, sprays, blooms, etc. indicated in the schedule. Stems should include leaves attached to the stem. Any bloom showing colour is included in the total count.
  6. All potted plants must be the property of the exhibitor for at least three (3) months, prior to this fair. Plants infested with insects will be disqualified and removed from the exhibit hall. No oiling or artificial shine is permitted.
  7. Potted plants must be in a single pot. Decorative outer pots should be removed if possible. Drip saucers in a size appropriate to the pot are permitted.



ARRANGEMENTS: 1st – 5 Points: $6 • 2nd – 4 Points: $4 • 3rd – 3 Points: $2

CUT FLOWERS / POTTED PLANTS:     1st – 3 Points: $3 • 2nd – 2 Points: $2 • 3rd – 1 Points: $1


  1. “True Nation” – A miniature design in dry material not to exceed 12.7 cm (5”) all ways.
  2. “North Country”- A miniature design in fresh material not to exceed 12.7 cm (5”) all ways.
  3. “Strong People” – A small design in a cup or mug not to exceed a maximum of 25 cm (10”) all ways.
  4. “Freedom of Expression” – A wayside design, composed of common and plentiful flowers, foliage, fungus and weeds of roadsides and meadows, not to exceed 60cm (24”) all ways.
  5. “Great Lakes” – a water viewing design. A line design in a shallow container with 1/2 – 2/3 of the surface showing water. Maximum 60cm (24”) all ways.
  6. “Diversity” – A vase of mixed annuals, minimum six varieties.
  7. “Intimate Celebration” – An all-round design, with candle(s) suitable for a table centrepiece. Maximum 60cm (24”) all ways.
  8. “Green Grow the Rushes-oh” – an all-foliage design. Foliage is to predominate; flowers may be present but should be inconspicuous. Maximum 60 cm (24”).
  9. “You are what you Eat” – A design incorporating fruits and/or vegetables. Maximum 60cm (24”) all ways.
  10. “Oh Canada” – A design of your imagination in the colors of the Canadian flag. Maximum 60cm (24”) all ways.


  1. Amaranthus (eg. Love-Lies-Bleeding) – 1 stem
  2. Anemone (eg. Japanese, Woodland) – 3 stems
  3. Aster – perennial – 1 stem
  4. Antirrhinum (Snapdragon) – 3 spikes, one colour
  5. Calendula – 3 blooms, same colour
  6. Chrysanthemum – 3 stems
  7. Coleus, any variety – 1 stem
  8. Cosmos – 3 stems, same colour, not more than 46 cm (18”) in height
  9. Dahlia, any variety – 1 bloom
  10. Echinacea (Cone flower) – 3 blooms, pink/purple tones
  11. Echinacea (other colours) – 1 bloom
  12. Grasses, Ornamental – 3 stems with leaf blades intact, same cultivar
  13. Helianthus (Sunflowers) – up to 15.2 cm (6”), 3 blooms, any colour
  14. Helianthus (Sunflowers) – over 15.2 cm (6”), 1 bloom, any colour
  15. Hosta – 3 leaves, same cultivar
  16. Hosta – a collection of 3 or more leaves from different cultivars
  17. Hosta – 1 flower stem in bloom, variety named if possible
  18. Marigolds – up to 6.4 cm (2 ½”), 1 bloom, solid colour
  19. Marigolds – up to 6.4 cm (2 ½”), 1 bloom, bicolour
  20. Marigolds – over 6.4 cm (2 ½”), 3 blooms, same colour
  21. Nasturtium – 3 blooms, same colour
  22. Petunia – 1 stem
  23. Rose – single bloom, floating, named
  24. Rose – 1 spray, named
  25. Rose – 1 spray, grown for scent, named
  26. Rudbeckia triloba – under 5 cm (2”) – 1 stem
  27. Rudbeckia hirta – 5 cm (2”) and over – 3 blooms
  28. Sedum – green leaves – 1 stem in flower
  29. Sedum – other colour leaves – 1 stem
  30. Zinnia– 1 bloom, any variety

*41. Any climbing vine not listed, in bloom (i.e: sweet pea, morning glory, honeysuckle, clematis) – 1 stem
*42. Any flowering branch not listed – one branch not to exceed 60 cm (24”) in length
*43. Any other annual not listed – 3 blooms, stems, or spikes
*44. Any other perennial not listed – 3 blooms, stems, or spikes
*45. Any other flower not listed, grown from a bulb, corm, tuber or rhizome (e.g. calla, canna, toad lily, autumn crocus) – 1 stem

  1. A Collection of garden flowers you have grown yourself displayed in a vase



  1. Orchid – Any variety, one pot, in bloom
  2. African violet – single crown, one pot, in bloom.
  3. A cactus or succulent collection – 3 or more pots displayed on a tray
  4. Pelargonium (annual geranium) – grown for bloom, 1 pot
  5. Pelargonium (annual geranium) — grown for foliage, 1 pot
  6. Pelargonium (annual geranium) – any other variety 1 pot

*53. Any trailing potted plant grown for flowers or foliage, ready to hang or in a plant stand-1 pot
*54. Any other potted plant, grown for flowers, in bloom, – 1 pot, named
*55. Any other potted plant, grown for foliage, – 1 pot, named


*In the “Any Other Variety” Categories of cut Flowers or Potted Plants, one exhibitor may show two specimens in this category, provided the specimens are different species.



  1. The Flower Workshop – “The Maple Leaf Forever” – a floral arrangement using purchased or garden flowers; accessories allowed. $30.00 Gift Certificate
  2. Bolton Florist Design Special “True North Strong” – A design of your imagination, depicting the fair theme; Gift Certificates: 1st Place $50, 2nd Place $25
  3. Bolton Florist Special Best in Show for Arrangements (Sections 1-10.) Gift certificate: 1st Prize $50.00 • 2nd place: $25.00
  4. Greenside Gardens. Best in Show Cut Flowers (Sections 11- 46.) Gift Certificates: 1st Place $25, 2nd Place $15.00
  5. Elsie St. Jacques Award – for most points in Sections 1-10 by a first-time exhibitor in the Fall Fair flower show. Mark on your entry tag “First time exhibitor.” Prize: $20.00
  6. Bolton and District Horticultural Society Special for most points in Arrangements (Sections 1- 10), wins a BDHS Family Membership for 2018. Value $30.00
  7. Humber Nursery Special Most points in Cut Flowers (sections 11-46) Gift Certificate $20
  8. Humber Nursery Special Most points in Potted Plants (sections 47-55) Gift Certificate: 1st place: $30, 2nd place: $10.00
  9. Ken and Carol Price Trophy For the highest points won in all of Class 24, sections 1 – 55. Winners in 2015 Nancy Hopkinson and 2016 Brenda Heenan are ineligible




(For the Future Custodians of our Precious Planet)

No entry fee. However, an entry form is necessary. Include your phone number and Division on your entry card. You may compete in a higher division, but not in a lower one.


Division I – age 7 and under
Division II – ages 8 – 12
Division III – ages 13 – 17


  1. “Canadian Flag” – glue seeds onto a cardboard depicting a flower or a vegetable.
  2. “Home Grown” – grow any plant from seed. Be sure to label it.
  3. “Cheer Up” – an arrangement of flowers in a vase to cheer up a sick person.
  4. “National Pride” – make a scene in a shoe box, or similarly-sized box, including things that you love about Canada.
  5. “True North Strong” – make and decorate a bookmark (no larger than 2” x 11”) using these words.
  6. “Grand Old Flag” – take a photograph of a Canadian flag made of if you can’t find one, or download such a photo from the Internet. Then make a list of flowers you could use to make a Canadian flag out of flowers. Exhibit the photograph and the list.
  7. “I’ll be Dammed” – using fruits and/or vegetables, create a sculpture of Canada’s national animal.
  8. “Canada 150” – create a piece of garden art, something beautiful, weather-resistant and impervious to insects and animals. Exhibit the art as well as a photograph of your art situated in a garden.


The Bolton & District Horticultural Society awards a cash prize to the youth gardener winning the most points in his or her age division.