Spaghetti Eating Contest

Spaghetti Eating Contest – Rules

Saturday September 23, 2017       5:00pm on the Stage

Print & Sign Entry Form:  Rules & Indemnity

1.           Entrants must sign an indemnity against any indigestion or stained clothing. Standard Hold Harmless Agreement also applies (See below).

2.           The contestants will be given 5 minutes to consume as much spaghetti as possible. The winner will be the contestant who consumes the most pasta in the time allowed.

3.           Each contestant will be given one plate of pasta at a time, and will be given a refill plate once the current plate has been completely cleared of spaghetti and sauce.

4.           All decision by judges and organizers are final. Including the decision when a plate is cleared.

5.           Each plate of spaghetti will have the same weight, and each plate consumed will be added together. The final plate being consumed when time is called will be weighed, and this weight will be deducted from the beginning weight. This calculated weight will be added to the weight of the other plates finished.

6.           There will be an additional prize awarded, for the winner of the “Table Manners Award”, as decided after the contest by audience applause.

7.           Entry is strictly limited to 10 Entrants and will be on a first come, first seated basis.

8.           The contest is open to anyone over 16 years of age.

First Place $50
Second Place $30
Third Place $20
Table Manners $20




I, _________________________________________, will hold nobody but myself responsible for anything that may happen before, during, or after the Spaghetti Eating Contest. This is a fun contest and should be treated as such. We seriously do not recommend you entering if you have a medical condition that could be adversely affected by this contest. The organizers, namely the Albion & Bolton Agricultural Society, and its volunteer members, are not liable for any problems which arise before, during, or after said event.

Name____________________________________________________ are you over 16 years old?__________


Tell us about yourself for our emcee to introduce you.________________________________________




Signed ________________________________________________________________________________________

My signature confirms that I have read the rules, the indemnity, and I agree to enter into the spirit of this fun contest)