Salsa Smackdown


2015 SALSA SMACKDOWN    Sunday, September 27

How do I Participate?

To enter this Smackdown, choose your best salsa recipe. Write it up, include your name and phone number and email it to  subject line “Salsa Smackdown, or write it down and bring it to the Fair on Thursday evening, to the desk of the President’s building.  Pre-Registration must be received by September  19, 2015.  Show up at the Fair on Sunday September 27 at 12:00 pm with your salsa and proceed up to the auditorium with four jars of homemade salsa.

Open to Anyone and Everyone!

The Fine Print

The Rules

1) Pre-registration (name and recipe) closes Thursday, September 19th, 9pm. The Smack down is Sunday September 27th at the Fair.
2) Entries must be homemade from scratch, and not produced or packaged in any way, with no mixes used.
3) Salsa must be made by the entrant and submitted in four (4) glass jars. You might want to bring more because there will be a People’s Choice Award, and you want to make sure everyone can have a chance to sample your Salsa.
4) Recipe must accompany product.
5) All safe food handling processes must be followed.
6) Judging – both by Official Smackdown Judges and People’s Choice ballots – will take place from 12:30 – 2pm. Winners will be announced shortly after 2pm, please be present in order to win.
7) There will be a first and second place winner, as decided by the judges. Judges will come armed with spoons and nacho chips. The Judging scale will be originality (10 points), appearance of salsa (10 points), and taste (a whopping 20 points).
8) Nacho Chips are provided by the Bolton Fall Fair. Market goers will be able to purchase small bags of tortilla chips for $.50 so that they may try your salsa. Each bag of chips will in
clude a ballot, so that they can vote for the People’s Choice Award.
9) Prizes: First place $50, Second place $30, and People’s Choice $40 Gift Certificate.