Past Presidents


I would like to welcome everyone to the 158th Bolton Fall Fair where we will be celebrating our theme of Sew It. Grow It. Show It. As always, the fair will host its annual livestock shows throughout the weekend. The President’s Building and auditorium will be home to displays of flowers, vegetables, quilts, home crafts, food, youth work and more. Of course we cannot forget to mention our demolition derby, demo truck and tractor pull as well as entertainment for our Grandstand.  I encourage you & your family to join us & participate throughout the fair. From the education barn, to the pet show, there is something to see and do for everyone. To our existing & new exhibitors thank you for your participation. Thank you also to the many committee members, volunteers and other dedicated individuals who make this fair possible. Last but not least a big thanks to our many fair sponsors whose generosity supports the fair. Please come and join us for a fun filled weekend of activities.

 Robert Kolb

President, 2016 Albion & Bolton Agricultural Society




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