Fair Ambassadors Messages, 2017

2017 Fair Ambassador

This year being Albion Bolton’s Senior Fair Ambassador has been an amazing experience. While representing the Albion Bolton Agricultural Society I have had many new opportunities. I attended the annual district 5 meeting, where I got to meet all fair ambassadors in our district. I was a part of the Bolton Santa Claus parade. I participated in the RBC 150 challenge, where I was given a $150 bursary from RBC which I used to purchase 150lbs of food that I hand delivered to the Caledon food exchange. One of my favourite events was the ambassador convention at the Royal York. I met many new friends and received a behind the scenes look at all the work that goes into making the fair possible. I am excited to compete at the CNE later this August to become the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs. Throughout the year, I have gained confidence in my public speaking and communication skills. I encourage all youths between the ages of 17 to 25 to try out for the Senior Fair Ambassador position. I want to thank the Albion Bolton Agricultural Society for this opportunity and I hope to see you at the 2017 “True North Strong” fair to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday year. 

Callie Dowds

2016/17 Albion & Bolton Fair Ambassador


Being the Junior Fair Ambassador over the past year has been an amazing experience that I will surely remember for the rest of my life! I have had the pleasure of speaking in front of multiple groups at events like the Farm Family of the Year Banquet, the District 5 Annual Meeting and 4-H Awards Night. I’ve also had a great time spreading the Christmas spirit at the Bolton Santa Claus Parade. Being Junior Fair Ambassador is such a great way to connect with the community and have an experience you’ll never forget! Anyone between the ages of 13 and 16 should definitely apply- It’s so much fun! Thank you to The Albion and Bolton Agriculture Society for all their support this year and for this incredible opportunity! Good luck on your entries and I’ll see you at the 2017 Bolton Fall Fair! Don’t forget to wear your red for Canada’s 150th birthday.


Kayla Emmerton

2016/17 Albion & Bolton Junior Fair Ambassador


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